Monthly Archives: July 2010

Fun Vintage Funk’s Seed Formula Shoulder Bag

Dotty fun!   A vintage Funk’s Seed Formula bag.  The graphics are faded but fantastic, the large one on the flap has a confetti design. The red has faded to pink and the black to gray making for a very mellow, authentically worn look.  I love the listing of all the different species of seeds on the […]

Vintage “Mushroom Keeper” Art Nouveau Purse

SOLD! Because everyone needs to know how to clean mushrooms in style… I collect art nouveau patterned fabrics and was SO excited to be able to use some of it in this purse! The colors came together beautifully, another pale green print was used to line the outer pocket. The top band and the handles […]

I Wanna Be A Cowgirl

We’ve got cowgirls, bullriders and one lonely (well, not really) cowboy holding down the ranch on this one-of-a-kind purse.   I had SO much fun making this one! This 11″ x 17″ padded purse is fully lined and features a full width pocket (also lined and padded) on each side. The pockets have a [red!] velcro […]

Pink/ Blue Celtic Deer Market Bag

SOLD! Who says a market bag has to be boring??  This is a simple 18″w x 15″h (20″ w/handles) market bag, no pockets, 2 handles, it folds up pretty small. The outside is a very light pink cotton w/a lace pattern, there is a 11″ square panel on one side featuring a beautiful Celtic deer […]