Monthly Archives: May 2012

Wonderfat Pillow!

One 18″ pillow cover made from a vintage 100 lb “Arcady Wonderfat Pellets” sack. Also reads “Containing Condensed Buttermilk.” I don’t know what ‘Wonderfat’ is but I love the graphics, very retro. The front was carefully pieced using pieces of the sack, which was certainly showing it’s age when it came into my possession! The […]

Axe and Rifle Pillow… Blink & It’s Gone!

SOLD! One 16″ pillow cover made from a vintage 10 lb “Axe and Rifle Cream Meal” sack. Also reads “Anchor Mills Co. Waco, Texas U.S.A.” Other than the red, white & blue home decor fabric all other fabric is from different vintage feed sacks. I have never seen a sack quite like this one before, […]

Something to Crow About!

A very colorful seed sack that was in unusually good condition for it’s age! The front of the tote has a beautiful logo with a rooster that reads “CROW’S HYRBID CORN – SOMETHING TO ‘CROW’ ABOUT”. Also states “Milford, Illinois” while the back reads “CROW’S DEPENDABLE HYBRID”. There is a full width zippered pocket on […]